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How to Get Google Search Index Website Instantly Super Fast

submit url to google with new search console

Hello Everyone, Today post ill show you How to Get Google Index Website Instantly Super Fast. if you want to index your any article, web page or post super fast with help of Google Search Console then read the full article and follow all steps carefully. Also at the bottom of the article add Video Demo for better understanding. After reading this article you guys definitely able to Submit URL to Google and index your new website instantly in the google search.

Why do You Need to Index Website Instantly?

If you want to rank your website or blog then you have to index your website in search engines. for example, if you write a review about any apple product and your target is to rank your article on search results like Google, Bing etc.

Then you must Submit URL to Google and Bing, without index you can't rank your website in Search Results. if you do not rank your article to particular keywords then you can't earn single money with your article or not reach your target audience. So Google indexing is playing a major role in your website ranking.

How to Index Website Super Fast?

It Doesn't matter your website is new or old with the help of Google Search Consol (google indexing tool) you index your website instantly. Step by step guide to Index Website Quickly.

First of all, log in with your Gmail account and search for Google Search Console formally known as Google Webmaster Tool. Once login you redirect to Dashboard where you add your website and verify your ownership. After all verification setup. you redirect to Search Consol Dashboard.

google index checker

Now you see at the top of the dashboard, One URL Inspection search bar where you add your website address which you want to index. just type your weblink and press enter. Now Search Consol Retrieving Data from Google.

google indexing tool

Once process done you see a message on next page 'URL is not on Google'. now at the right site one button 'Request Indexing' Just Click it. after click on indexing button first google testing if live URL can be indexed, it may take few minutes. Once all right you see one popup message 'Indexing Requested'. Now click 'Got it' and close the popup.

google search console

Now click on Test Live URL, This may take minutes. After testing You see on next screen URL is available to Google. Now you guys with help of google index checker you check your URL, It appears on Google.

Index Website Instantly

Now you can start your Seo or promotion to get organic traffic and earn more money or your target audience, With the help of this amazing google indexing tools you guys index any post, article instantly super fast on google search.

How to Index Website instantly in Google Search Console Old Interface?

Simply Just Login with your Gmail account, after all, verification step you redirect to Dashboard. Now at the left Section, you see one option Under crawl Menu, Fetch as Google, just click on it.

submit url to google

Now Just enter your post page URL at the input bar and click on Fetch Button

google index checker

After That, you see one button Request indexing just click them and one popup appear where you select captcha box tick and click on crawl only this URL and click to Go Button. Now your request indexing by Google. After a few minutes your post show in Google Search.

submit url to search engines

How to Get Google Index Website Instantly Super Fast

Live Video Demo

Follow Below Method to Index website Instantly

Sitemap Submission
Submission to Blog Networks
Comment on Popular Blogs
IMT Website Submitter
Guest Posting
Social Bookmarking Submission
Ping Services
submit URL to search engines

As per my knowledge, I explain all method which helps your new post to index super fast in Google Search, I Hope you Enjoy this article and now you guys know how to index website instantly in Google Seach Consol. If you have any doubt or suggestions then comment me. Ill Revert as soon as possible. Thanks For Your Visit, Have a Nice Day :)

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