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How to Promote YouTube Videos or Youtube Channel

How to Promote YouTube Video

Google Adwords or Facebook Ads - Which one is best?

Hello Friends in this post ill show you how to promote youtube video on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Showing some comparison of Facebook Ads & Google Adwords with live proof. so if you think about to promote your Youtube video then definitely watch this video till last and after that, you have some idea which platform is better for youtube promotion. 

Showing some live proof Google Adwords & Facebook ads, spend a small amount of money give a huge response with AdWords & Facebook Ads. if I am going to Google Adwords I got Instant Traffic on my Youtube video. Increase my Video View, Watch time also increase Watch time which is most import now, as you all know as per Youtube New monetization policy you have to complete 1000 Subscriber and 4000 Hours Watch time to enable your channel monetization. so if you are looking to promote your channel then you must watch this video until last. if you want to know how to create Google AdWords campaign for youtube video then comment me. In another platform Facebook, where I promote my two posts with spending the small amount I got a huge audience. here I get a quick reaction on my post. too many like, comment, share also got some facebook page like. so if you are looking for branding for your channel then Facebook is a good platform. 

Google Adwords vs FacebookAds, Which one is better to promote your video

Both Platforms is good to Promote Your Youtube channel. It's now totally in your hand how to use facebook & google to promote your channel. if you want to know to how to create an ad on google or facebook then comment me.Thanks For your time, Have a Nice Day :)  

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