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How to use Posts ,Categories, Tags & Media in WordPress Tutorial 2020 Hindi | Web Technical Tips

In this video, I 'll Show you how to add, edit and delete Posts, Category, Tags & Media Section in Wordpress. Learn how to use Posts, Categories, Tags & Media in Wordpress Tutorials 2020 Hindi. I'll cover the following: 1. Add New Post, Edit Post, Delete Posts 2. Add New Categories, Edit Categories, Delete Categories 3. Add New Tags, Edit Tags, Delete Tags 4. Add Images, Edit Images, Delete Images Wordpress Tutorials for beginners in Hindi language, Complete Wordpress Tutorials Series third Part. After watching this video tutorial series of WordPress Training you will be able to make a Beautiful Website on Wordpress. How to Download and Install Wamp Server on Windows: How to Download and Install WordPress Setup locally on your PC: hindi tutorials web technical tips tutorials posts in WordPress how to post in WordPress in Hindi hindi WordPress tutorials WordPress tutorials in Hindi how to post in WordPress what is a post in WordPress why a post is used in WordPress categories in WordPress tags in WordPress WordPress tags post tags media in WordPress how to use media in WordPress WordPress tutorials in Hindi WordPress tutorials Hindi categories and tags in WordPress

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